References - Other

The following are a mixture of landlord and character references, and also references left for us on our airbnb (short term rental accommodation) profile.

Landlord / Character References

Martin Riley, Sterling Tax Services Ltd, New Zealand (2009-2014)
Sterling Tax

“Having acted for Mark and Maria for over 5 years as their tax adviser/accountant I can vouch for their integrity and attention to detail. I will be sad to see them leave New Zealand but am excited by their plans and hope that one day they might return.”

Paul, Tauranga, New Zealand (2012-2013)

“Mark and Maria were my tenants for 12 months and I found them to be fantastic. They looked after the property like it was their own. Highly recommend them, it was sad to lose them.”

Clive & Tricia, Auckland, New Zealand (2010-2012)

“Mark & Maria rented our house in Auckland, New Zealand for 2 years while we were living overseas. They were excellent tenants. Our property was always presented and maintained in immaculate condition and we interacted directly with them to get things done when the property managers were not performing well. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark & Maria as tenants or housesitters.”

Other (airbnb)

Pharanee & Noel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
(March 2015)

“It was a real pleasure to have Mark and Maria stay with us. They stayed in our 6 bedroom villa for a month and were the perfect guests. Exceptionally clean,tidy and very respectful, kind and generous towards our staff. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to any other holiday home owners throughout the world and we hope they will be able to come again someday.”

Mii, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(January 2015)

“Clear in communication, very clean and responsible. Easy-going and nice couple.”

Erik, Bangkok, Thailand
(December 2014)

“Mark and Maria made a same day booking at my City Duplex the day it got listed. I found communication to be very quick and easy with them. They provided great feedback and left the place so clean that I initially thought my cleaner had already been there. I would be thrilled to host them again on their travels and recommend them warmly as guests to anyone!.”

Nuna, Bangkok, Thailand
(November 2014)

“Mark and Maria are very nice guest. Very clean. I’d love to host them again when they are back to Bangkok.”

Buay, Bangkok, Thailand
(October 2014)

“Highly recommend as anyone guest. Very neat and clean couple.”

Xris, Hong Kong
(October 2014)

“Maria and Mark were beyond perfect guests. They were friendly, nice , interesting, helpful and thankful. The house was so clean afterwards it was like nobody had been there. I would host them again in heartbeart.”

Eric, Hong Kong
(September 2014)

“Very clean & nice guest. Welcome whenever they come again!!! Highly recommendable.”

Jo, Taupo, New Zealand (August 2013)

“Mark and Maria were exceptional guests. They took such lovely care of the cottage and were clean, respectful and reliable. I highly recommend them as guests.”