What We Do

In a nutshell, we offer peace of mind for the home and pet owner. In simple terms, As House & Pet Sitters, we take care of people’s homes and pets whilst they are away on holiday. Even if you don’t have pets, having someone at home is a good idea to deter thieves looking for empty houses to break into, and so you can come home to a clean house and a tidy garden without having to ask friends or family to come and check on the place regularly. If you have never used a House Sitter before, in addition to the information on this page you may want to read our House & Pet Sitting FAQs.

Your property and pets will truly be in good hands with us. We are an honest, caring, respectful and trustworthy house sitter couple who will go that extra mile to ensure our hosts are happy and will be nothing but delighted with the experience. We have police clearance certificates from the countries we have lived in (a copy of which can be sent to you upon request), a variety of References from previous home owners, and we will not undertake an assignment if we do not feel we are a good fit for it. Additionally, we  have an Agreement document for your peace of mind and ours.

If you invite us to spend time in your home

We will:

Mark cleaning the pool area

  • Take good care of your house and your possessions
  • Respect your property and follow any instructions you give us
  • Deal with any issues that arise promptly and to the best of our abilities
  • Inform you (or your designated contact person) immediately of any problems beyond our power to fix
  • Keep the property clean and tidy during our stay
  • Take all necessary measures to deter possible thieves when we go out
  • Cover the cost of our own food and other consumables
  • Be courteous to the neighbours whilst respecting their privacy
  • Ensure that we leave the property as we found it

Looking after your pets

maria-cat-loveWe have owned, loved and cared for a variety of pets over the years, and understand that whilst you are away from home, their wellbeing will be your main concern. They are members of the family after all!

If you entrust them to us, we promise that we will:

  • Make their comfort and welfare our priority during our stay
  • Feed & water them as per your instructions
  • Play with them and exercise them as needed
  • Give them attention and keep them company to minimise separation anxiety

Going the extra mile

Whilst we are living in your home, we are more than happy to do a few extra bits to ensure that you can relax during your holiday in the knowledge that things are being taken care of back at home. This will include things like:


  • Dropping you off and collecting you from the airport if required
  • Collecting your mail, and forwarding it on if needed
  • Answering your phone and passing on any messages
  • Gardening – watering plants, mowing lawns, pruning and weeding, etc.
  • Pool care – basic maintenance such as scooping up floating debris, cleaning skimmer basket, etc
  • Getting some basics for you on our last day, like milk, bread and eggs
  • Cleaning bathroom(s) and kitchen (including oven!), hoovering and washing linen / towels on our last day
  • Putting clean linen on your bed, so you come home to a nice fresh bed
  • Sending you regular updates during your absence, for added peace of mind (i.e. via email, skype, viber…)

You may even come home to a cooked meal! 🙂

Whilst some of the items on this list should go without saying, we just wanted you to rest assured they will get done! Naturally, if there is anything you’d rather we didn’t do, just let us know (for example you may not want us to make your bed for you).

Caring for the local wildlife

We love wildlife too! We relish every opportunity we have to observe animals in their natural habitats, so if you have any local wildlife visiting your back yard, we’re sure to enjoy that very much, and will be happy to put out food for them (especially in the winter when food sources dwindle), top up the bird bath with fresh water etc. And if you know of any wildlife protection / rehabilitation programs in your area that we may be able to get involved with during our stay, we would love to learn more.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to send us a message via our Contact page. In the meantime, why not check our References page to see what others have said about us, or our Gallery to see more pictures of us “in action”.