Why an Agreement?

We believe that common sense, open communication, honesty and integrity will always win the day over a signed piece of paper. In an ideal world, things would go swimmingly and no issues would ever arise – and the good news is that in the real world, things really do go smoothly most of the time too!

But occasionally misunderstandings do happen, so because we really want what is best for all parties (particularly if there are animals involved), we think it’s sensible to have a few things written down.


Can we make changes later on?

Of course! Any instructions you give us here don’t need to be “set in stone”, but we do ask that you describe the main duties now, i.e. the ones that will bear more responsibility and/or be more time consuming.

By knowing in advance what you will be expecting from us, we can make absolutely sure that we are a right fit for you, before formally accepting the assignment. For this reason, we ask that you are honest (and as thorough as possible) when you describe your expectations, so that we can make an informed decision.

What is contained in the Agreement?

You’ll see that it’s all very straightforward:

  • The first page outlines what we both agree to, and is mostly so that we have something with your signature to show that you have given us permission to stay in your house during your absence, and to declare that we will look after your home and pets as per your instructions and will arrive and leave on the dates we agree.
  • The second page covers your instructions to look after your home/garden and pets. If you already have a document outlining these you can just email us this.
  • The third page asks for miscellaneous information such as emergency numbers etc (these can be added later on).


If you haven’t already, we would also like to request at this stage that you send us some current pictures of your pets (if any) and the house please, so we can see who we’d be looking after and where we would be living for a few weeks/months. We only really need to see the rooms that we would be using and mostly taking care of, i.e. the room where we would be sleeping, the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room, as well as a picture of the garden if relevant. Many thanks!

Download the Agreement

Download a copy of the agreement here: House & Pet Sitters Agreement